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It’s time to let go of the bengollow.com domain.

I know I have had this domain for years but I think it’s time to let go of a domain that I don’t even refer to anymore. I will still keep bgollow.com.au for now however I’m not sure if I’ll let this expire too along with the hosting. The problem is no one leaves comments…

From being idle to being buried.

Well here I am thinking of a title to use and then it came to me. I used to stay at home a lot getting depressed and now I’m always out that I sometimes get called a “party animal”….

I’m making a comeback.

I was just thinking should I start blogging again now or wait until I get the layout sorted out. It came to me that I should open bengollow{ DOT }com again as I don’t really want it to go as wasted space anymore. So here I am blogging again! It’s been such a long time…