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Labouring a tremendous accomplishment.

It’s been a while since I last blogged but since then I have landed myself an apprenticeship in Parks & Gardens with the same company that I’ve been working with since November last year. I just can’t believe that I’ve almost been there for a year already and I was only meant to be with them for the summer of 2013 to 2014 but I guess I’ve always been determined to keep the job because I really enjoyed it. At first I was really nervous getting moved over to the golf course in April but after being there for almost 6 months I’ve settled in really well. Just been having so much fun with the guys there and the fact that they get me to play sport when I’m not sporty at all is an accomplishment in itself. Continue reading


Well you may have thought I was extinct from the web and was never going to come back. Instead I’ve been so busy with work and my personal life on the weekends that I wasn’t able to post anything. So let’s go back to the start of April. I ended up at a golf course. At first I didn’t seem to enjoy the job. Not that I would quit or anything. Just that it was a complete change from working in the Hort Services like looking after local parks and streetscapes with other people to working on my own on more than 18 garden beds pulling out gum trees. I was just expecting to be doing more than just pulling out gum trees. Although the next task was pulling out weeds in which it took me almost half an hour to pull out a massive weed. During this time golfers have asked me if I could turn up at their place and do their gardens. One even suggested that I was growing a secret stash of “weed” in the garden beds and was harvesting it. As if I would do that though I’m not interested in helping out in strangers gardens either. Like I even up so tired that I can’t even do my garden anymore and weekends is when I spend time out with friends. So basically the garden could end up like a rain forest if I’m in charge looking after it. But no, I’ll probably end up doing it sometime lol.

Continue reading

Going golf balls.

Well the past weeks have been quite interesting ones. Firstly I ended up receiving an “achievement” award for my Certificate II in Horticulture and Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. The night was great until I noticed that a past employer was mentioned in the booklet of who’s getting an award. It happens that I didn’t get on well with this employer and was shocked that they received an award for Employer of the Year, but I guess my TAFE didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. Continue reading

Feeling Pumped…

Well guess what? I’m back but on a different domain, bgollow.com.au. Remember how last year back in June that I mentioned that I won a domain? Well I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to purchase this one as it’s simple and fits in with all my other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was thinking of getting stormyben.com.au because I’m really interested in the weather but then I got other people’s opinions and they said it sounded babyish. So I decided to not go with it. Anyway I’m back now once again after a very long absence. Continue reading

Unemployable? I tend to break things…

Well here I am blogging again and I’m still not employed. I’ve only had two interviews in the past week and I didn’t get either of them. I really don’t know what I have to do to make an employer employ me. I’m just sick and tired of carrying on about it but I have nothing else on my mind. After all everyone needs money to be able do things. Continue reading


You probably thought I was mentioning Charlie Sheen in the title, well you’re wrong. Lately I have been winning a couple of things like an Australian domain (still not 100% sure on what to call it) along with a years worth of hosting, a GPS with speed detection and a $150 fuel voucher. Some people have been saying I should enter the lottery, but I’ve never gambled in my life though I guess it’s something that I should try.

I’ve just been out way too much that I’ve been spending a lot though I have been enjoying it. Continue reading


Well I have been pretty busy lately as you may have noticed. A month ago I just finished TAFE at Holmesglen leaving with a Certificate II in Horticulture and a Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. On the last day of TAFE we had a class BBQ that was a good way to end the course. One thing I learned though TAFE is a bit like school. Continue reading

Flying golf balls.

First I better say sorry for writing so late but I just got busy. It’s probably because I have been working at a golf course this whole week and it’s been really fun. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that good for me but it was even though I did a couple of mistakes like blowing leaves into the bunkers and driving over the greens. Heck, I don’t even know how golf works. Continue reading

What a week!

Wow it’s been a long week (well not exactly). It all started on Saturday last week when my right ear suddenly got blocked. I could hear anything out of it and it was really annoying me. So I went to the chemist and got ear drops for it. Continue reading

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