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Gym junkie.

Yeah that’s right, I’ve started going back to the gym and this time I’m committed. I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while but I just had to come back and post something. Anyway I started going back to the gym since the 9th of August 2016 and have been going every second day doing full body workouts with a mate of mine.

This whole gym stuff really started on New Years Eve 2014 as a resolution to get fit, lose my tummy fat and build muscle. I basically joined at the start of January 2015. It probably wasn’t such a good idea since I knew I would be going on a holiday a couple of weeks later with family. My relationship with the gym back then was just eat the foods I usually eat and just go. I was only really going when my mate Gary was going. I just felt pretty shy going on my own (probably because of my aspergers) trying to re-preform the routine that my mate taught me without feeling that people were staring at me. So I basically ended up just going with him and never really went on my own during that time. I wasn’t even pushing myself enough to get any stronger.

I ended up going to the gym on & off for a couple of months and my strength rarely changed. I basically wasted 60 bucks per month by paying for the gym but not going. It was only a month ago that I decided I had to go back and actually be committed to go there by myself. Luckily I didn’t put much weight on since I last went, so it was easy to get back into again but the first week back was always going to be hard. But with the help of my mate being a PT (Personal Trainer), he has helped me get back into the hang of it and ever since I’ve been improving and loosing weight every week.

I also tried this “lean” diet in the past week. The diet isn’t bad but some days I was full from it and other days I was hungry from it. Even meals like egg whites, nuts, cottage cheese, grapefruit and sardines I wasn’t really a fan of them. I basically was gagging on the scrabbled egg whites and I think the grapefruit’s bitter sweet flavor just made it worse. Also having protein shakes every day was a bit strange. They weren’t bad but I don’t really think it’s a good substitute, especially for lunch! I’ve always had problems with nuts, I’m not allergic to them just don’t like the taste and texture of most of them. The only nuts that I know I can eat without hassle are peanuts and walnuts. The cottage cheese was just chunky rather than smooth (what I would prefer). Besides that, I loved the dinners and I’ve always loved having porridge for breakfast. The diet did help me lose weight but in the end it’s probably not the right one for me considering it cost me under $300 AUD for one week!

If any of my readers, know a cheap, delicious, healthy lean diet; please leave a comment here. In the meantime I’ll just stick to staying away from junk food and soft drink. I tend to find that soft drink makes you extra thirsty anyway. Instead I’ll keep eating the meats (including fish), vegetables & fruits and drink plenty of water. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and might even post some photos here in the future.

It’s time to let go of the domain.

I know I have had this domain for years but I think it’s time to let go of a domain that I don’t even refer to anymore. I will still keep for now however I’m not sure if I’ll let this expire too along with the hosting. The problem is no one leaves comments on my site anymore and I hardly have the encouragement to post here anymore because of it. It’s just like another cost of mine where I have a gym membership but I hardly use it. Unfortunately I can’t cancel that until the end of this year because it would just be a bigger waste in itself.

I’ve came to realize that I keep trying to do everything but I can’t. It’s better for me to just have a rest than be going out all the time. I always feel tired and I use that excuse for not going to the gym. A have a friend that became a PT last year but he’s so busy with placements he doesn’t really have time to be there for me every week to motivate me. I’m not keen on the idea of getting a personal trainer and paying for them when I already pay enough for a gym membership. Honestly I wished I never signed up for 2 years at the start of the new year last year. We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t always get completed or even started.

My main reason behind joining the gym was to get fitter and gain muscle but that has seem to gone out of the window and I can’t be bothered going to a gym. I can understand my mate being busy with placements for uni and everything else but it’s making me not that interested in going to the gym. Has anyone tried going to a gym, then gets bored of it and stops going? I don’t even have a eating plan and I reckon I should have something because I’m getting bored of ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches for work lunches.

Even TAFE seems like a struggle for me. I just don’t seem to get some things and find it really hard to research information on it. I want to receive another award this year but I’m not sure if I’ll get one. I’m just hopeless when it comes to theory work as I’m just a practical worker. It doesn’t help that I feel bored doing the same things over and over again. I just wish I could do something new, yeah I’m not like other people with aspergers.

The only thing that bothers me having aspergers is that I tend to not think before I post something on a social network and then I get the occasional Facebook user replying with smiley faces. I tend to take a lot of things to heart when I read them however no one can make me cry. I just end up feeling like crap.

Hence the holiday back in January wasn’t that relaxing as I thought it would be. Yeah I met a whole lot of new people that I probably won’t speak to again. Especially the ones that removed me from Facebook as soon as the tour ended! Having to get up like I’m still working is crazy. It didn’t help with me taking time off before I went when I should’ve done that after I got back (at least I know for next time). It wasn’t really a relaxing holiday until I got home. However it was a great experience into the Australian outback. Unfortunately Darwin wasn’t what I expected it to be but I guess I went there at the wrong time of the year, their “Wet Season”.

Over time I’ve been here trying to make blog posts but I keep deleting them. If there’s anything you would like to see again from my previous websites/blog posts or something new, please suggest it in the comments. It’s the only thing that will keep this blog up and running.

I CAN camp

Two weekends ago I went on a social camp to Malmsbury with a whole lot of other people on the spectrum. I’ve been on a camp like this last year but I have to admit it’s improved a lot from the food and the balance between speeches and activities. There were still a few dramas like last year but everyone seemed to cope a lot better this time than last year. Continue reading

The tremendous east coast holiday of 2015.

The Orion Nebula
The Orion Nebula

It all started on Thursday, 15th January when we started travelling to Port Douglas (our major destination) from Melbourne. The trip took about 3 days while we were driving 10 hours each day. The first night we stayed in Coonabarabran in New South Wales, where we weren’t planning on doing anything there but found out they had star gazing at the Warrumbungle Observatory. It was an awesome experience was able to take my first photo for the trip of the Orion Nebula. The next day we continued our trip inland and reached Emerald, a mining town in Queensland. It was pretty humid there and later that night it stormed as anything that we thought it was going to flood.

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Labouring a tremendous accomplishment.

It’s been a while since I last blogged but since then I have landed myself an apprenticeship in Parks & Gardens with the same company that I’ve been working with since November last year. I just can’t believe that I’ve almost been there for a year already and I was only meant to be with them for the summer of 2013 to 2014 but I guess I’ve always been determined to keep the job because I really enjoyed it. At first I was really nervous getting moved over to the golf course in April but after being there for almost 6 months I’ve settled in really well. Just been having so much fun with the guys there and the fact that they get me to play sport when I’m not sporty at all is an accomplishment in itself. Continue reading


Well you may have thought I was extinct from the web and was never going to come back. Instead I’ve been so busy with work and my personal life on the weekends that I wasn’t able to post anything. So let’s go back to the start of April. I ended up at a golf course. At first I didn’t seem to enjoy the job. Not that I would quit or anything. Just that it was a complete change from working in the Hort Services like looking after local parks and streetscapes with other people to working on my own on more than 18 garden beds pulling out gum trees. I was just expecting to be doing more than just pulling out gum trees. Although the next task was pulling out weeds in which it took me almost half an hour to pull out a massive weed. During this time golfers have asked me if I could turn up at their place and do their gardens. One even suggested that I was growing a secret stash of “weed” in the garden beds and was harvesting it. As if I would do that though I’m not interested in helping out in strangers gardens either. Like I even up so tired that I can’t even do my garden anymore and weekends is when I spend time out with friends. So basically the garden could end up like a rain forest if I’m in charge looking after it. But no, I’ll probably end up doing it sometime lol.

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Going golf balls.

Well the past weeks have been quite interesting ones. Firstly I ended up receiving an “achievement” award for my Certificate II in Horticulture and Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. The night was great until I noticed that a past employer was mentioned in the booklet of who’s getting an award. It happens that I didn’t get on well with this employer and was shocked that they received an award for Employer of the Year, but I guess my TAFE didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. Continue reading

Feeling Pumped…

Well guess what? I’m back but on a different domain, Remember how last year back in June that I mentioned that I won a domain? Well I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to purchase this one as it’s simple and fits in with all my other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was thinking of getting because I’m really interested in the weather but then I got other people’s opinions and they said it sounded babyish. So I decided to not go with it. Anyway I’m back now once again after a very long absence. Continue reading

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