Lockdown 2.0

Well here we are back in another lockdown in Melbourne because of 🦠 COVID-19. Only difference this time we will be forced to wear 😷 face masks or cop a $200 fine. I don’t really have a problem with it but others do calling on “Human Rights”. I understand there will be some that can’t wear them for legit reasons but for the ones that can, why are you not listening to the health advice being given out that could actually help you get out of these restrictions quicker? The more people that ignore it, the more ❌ restrictions and time will be added effecting our everyday lives! Please for the sake of everyone just listen for once! Australia is not a communist country, it’s a democracy.

Yeah Dan (the man) has stuffed up with the quarantine hotels but this is a new virus and it will take a while to work out it’s full impact and a 💉 vaccine for it. And yes I do take vaccines. It hasn’t had any adverse reaction on me. I’ve been taking them for years. For some they may have bad reactions but for most, there are no bad reactions from getting vaccinated. I have aspergers and am proud to be born with it. Yeah that’s right! My family history shows that it’s in the family’s genetics, not from some vaccination that went wrong.

I’m just rather sick of these conspiracy theorists. Like seriously stop giving out false information from a 🥼 crazy scientist that went rogue years ago. We just need to focus on what’s more important atm and that is getting through covid. Stop being selfish stocking your 🛒trolleys with excessive amounts of 🧻 toilet paper and calling people out for not meeting your expectations. Common sense means nothing, it’s basically your presumption of how things should be.


Memories have been restored.

Over the past couple of hours I have been working on uploading posts (sorry to those who got an old post email) from the past to this site using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. After looking through them, I feel ashamed 😳 that I have let this site go the way it did. I never intended for it to have massive breaks because I was trying to juggle school and my social life at the time. The blog posts were even short back then unlike now.

I’ve always been good at blogging 📰 but I have just let other things get in the way. While I have been away from the World Wide Web, all I have been doing is making new friendships and starting new jobs in Horticulture 👨‍🌾 . I have also been using this site to make apps but have never completed them.

Anyway this week I accidentally lost my work vehicle keys 🔑 while on the job. They ended up in a bag of green waste but thankfully it was in the first bag I opened up. There were 4 bags. So I felt relieved when I found them otherwise it would cost me a bit to get them replaced!

I’ve been thinking about reuploading the old pages too that this site had but I deleted them from my computer ages ago by mistake. Plus they would be so outdated that some of it wouldn’t even work in a browser you use now. I’m not even sure if anyone creates websites 🎨 with themes anymore. Though if you have any suggestions for new content, can you please leave it here. Even though I haven’t really done web design for ages, I still remember the basics and happy to learn new things.

In terms of the surveys I mentioned in the previous blog, I will leave it until another day when I gain my visitors back.

If you have gotten this far into the post, thanks for reading. If you know me you would know it’s my 27th Birthday 🎂 today and unfortunately due to coronavirus, I can’t see anyone and they can’t see me. It sucks but I remind myself that when all of this is over, I will be able to see everyone again and that’s what matters the most. So I keep looking forward to the future instead of the present. Please just take care of yourselves though this difficult time so you’re still there when it’s all over!



Who would think that we would be locked up in our houses in 2020?! It’s sad that we really can’t do anything but in the end it’s for the safety of our health from COVID-19 (coronavirus). So in the meantime I have a lot more time to blog here.

I hope you have had an awesome Easter considering that you couldn’t see all your family and friends physically. Now is the time to make use of that old skype account that you haven’t used for ages or go for a casual walk in the park that you have never been to.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been using Skype with friends wishing MSN messenger was still here. For those who don’t remember MSN messenger was the biggest messaging service of its time with heaps of customisations available. You could change the look of your username, install plugins, play interactive games with friends & family, video chat and talk to computer bots. It was just really popular chat service before MySpace, Skype and then Facebook came. Skype even had interactive games before Microsoft took over! It makes me think, what if your Favourite messaging service atm and why?

I have also found myself completing surveys/tasks that you can receive money and vouchers from. It’s 100% legit because I have been receiving the rewards straight away. The more you do, the more you’ll have for when compulsory isolation is over. Meaning you can still support your local businesses when they reopen without being more out of pocket. I plan on creating a list of surveys comparing them between each other for your convenience in the next couple of days if you like.

I know I have basically neglected this blog but I hope to bring it back to what it was like in it’s glory days. If you’re an old visitor, please let me know what you would like to see back and everyone else is welcomed to give me new suggestions too. I will me monitoring this blog a lot more now so I aim to release a new blog at least every week now.

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Back from the cave.

Hey guys, I’m still here. I’ve just been really lazy and busy to write a new blog post for ages. I miss the good old times when the purpose of my website was to help other people with their own websites. I first entered the internet world when I was 12 with a vision to help other people.

Ben’s World in 2005

Above is what my old website looked like back in 2005. Back then all I had was Windows ME. It was hosted on a website called MatMice. It enabled kids all over the world to create their own websites for free. Unfortunately they had to close down. At the time I wanted to create my own version of MatMice by calling it WEBBED but that idea fell through as I gave up on it. Since then I have been creating apps for Facebook on and off.

These days I’m busy working as a garderner in a small business. If you read my blog a while ago I was talking about life as an apprentice. Well that ended in 2016. It’s been a really long journey but I’m hoping to start blogging about my life experiences again as I need something to keep my mind off things. Hense why I have decided to change the name of this blog back to Ben’s World but the domain will remain the same.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to bring back what was valuable back to this blog and maybe I might bring out a new layout too. I haven’t done coding for a while, so it’s a bit sketchy but I will get used to it again. In the meantime I will just focus on creating more blog posts.


Doughnut Overload

I know I have been away for ages but I’ve decided to start blogging again. Last year back in August I successfully completed a Parks & Gardens Apprenticeship, of which I’m proud of myself. ATM I’m just looking for work. I’m not really fussed on if its full-time or part-time. All that matters to me is that I end up working for a company that I enjoy working for.

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Gym junkie.

Yeah that’s right, I’ve started going back to the gym and this time I’m committed. I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while but I just had to come back and post something. Anyway I started going back to the gym since the 9th of August 2016 and have been going every second day doing full body workouts with a mate of mine.

This whole gym stuff really started on New Years Eve 2014 as a resolution to get fit, lose my tummy fat and build muscle. I basically joined at the start of January 2015. It probably wasn’t such a good idea since I knew I would be going on a holiday a couple of weeks later with family. My relationship with the gym back then was just eat the foods I usually eat and just go. I was only really going when my mate Gary was going. I just felt pretty shy going on my own (probably because of my aspergers) trying to re-preform the routine that my mate taught me without feeling that people were staring at me. So I basically ended up just going with him and never really went on my own during that time. I wasn’t even pushing myself enough to get any stronger.

I ended up going to the gym on & off for a couple of months and my strength rarely changed. I basically wasted 60 bucks per month by paying for the gym but not going. It was only a month ago that I decided I had to go back and actually be committed to go there by myself. Luckily I didn’t put much weight on since I last went, so it was easy to get back into again but the first week back was always going to be hard. But with the help of my mate being a PT (Personal Trainer), he has helped me get back into the hang of it and ever since I’ve been improving and loosing weight every week.

I also tried this “lean” diet in the past week. The diet isn’t bad but some days I was full from it and other days I was hungry from it. Even meals like egg whites, nuts, cottage cheese, grapefruit and sardines I wasn’t really a fan of them. I basically was gagging on the scrabbled egg whites and I think the grapefruit’s bitter sweet flavor just made it worse. Also having protein shakes every day was a bit strange. They weren’t bad but I don’t really think it’s a good substitute, especially for lunch! I’ve always had problems with nuts, I’m not allergic to them just don’t like the taste and texture of most of them. The only nuts that I know I can eat without hassle are peanuts and walnuts. The cottage cheese was just chunky rather than smooth (what I would prefer). Besides that, I loved the dinners and I’ve always loved having porridge for breakfast. The diet did help me lose weight but in the end it’s probably not the right one for me considering it cost me under $300 AUD for one week!

If any of my readers, know a cheap, delicious, healthy lean diet; please leave a comment here. In the meantime I’ll just stick to staying away from junk food and soft drink. I tend to find that soft drink makes you extra thirsty anyway. Instead I’ll keep eating the meats (including fish), vegetables & fruits and drink plenty of water. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and might even post some photos here in the future.

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It’s time to let go of the domain.

I know I have had this domain for years but I think it’s time to let go of a domain that I don’t even refer to anymore. I will still keep for now however I’m not sure if I’ll let this expire too along with the hosting. The problem is no one leaves comments on my site anymore and I hardly have the encouragement to post here anymore because of it. It’s just like another cost of mine where I have a gym membership but I hardly use it. Unfortunately I can’t cancel that until the end of this year because it would just be a bigger waste in itself.

I’ve came to realize that I keep trying to do everything but I can’t. It’s better for me to just have a rest than be going out all the time. I always feel tired and I use that excuse for not going to the gym. A have a friend that became a PT last year but he’s so busy with placements he doesn’t really have time to be there for me every week to motivate me. I’m not keen on the idea of getting a personal trainer and paying for them when I already pay enough for a gym membership. Honestly I wished I never signed up for 2 years at the start of the new year last year. We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t always get completed or even started.

My main reason behind joining the gym was to get fitter and gain muscle but that has seem to gone out of the window and I can’t be bothered going to a gym. I can understand my mate being busy with placements for uni and everything else but it’s making me not that interested in going to the gym. Has anyone tried going to a gym, then gets bored of it and stops going? I don’t even have a eating plan and I reckon I should have something because I’m getting bored of ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches for work lunches.

Even TAFE seems like a struggle for me. I just don’t seem to get some things and find it really hard to research information on it. I want to receive another award this year but I’m not sure if I’ll get one. I’m just hopeless when it comes to theory work as I’m just a practical worker. It doesn’t help that I feel bored doing the same things over and over again. I just wish I could do something new, yeah I’m not like other people with aspergers.

The only thing that bothers me having aspergers is that I tend to not think before I post something on a social network and then I get the occasional Facebook user replying with smiley faces. I tend to take a lot of things to heart when I read them however no one can make me cry. I just end up feeling like crap.

Hence the holiday back in January wasn’t that relaxing as I thought it would be. Yeah I met a whole lot of new people that I probably won’t speak to again. Especially the ones that removed me from Facebook as soon as the tour ended! Having to get up like I’m still working is crazy. It didn’t help with me taking time off before I went when I should’ve done that after I got back (at least I know for next time). It wasn’t really a relaxing holiday until I got home. However it was a great experience into the Australian outback. Unfortunately Darwin wasn’t what I expected it to be but I guess I went there at the wrong time of the year, their “Wet Season”.

Over time I’ve been here trying to make blog posts but I keep deleting them. If there’s anything you would like to see again from my previous websites/blog posts or something new, please suggest it in the comments. It’s the only thing that will keep this blog up and running.

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It’s a new year and I’m back.

I hope everyone has had an awesome 2015 and are looking forward to a bright 2016. I know I’ve stopped blogging for ages but from working and going to trade school, I have been pretty busy. Thankfully I’m having a break from all that soon that I can finally relax.

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I CAN camp

Two weekends ago I went on a social camp to Malmsbury with a whole lot of other people on the spectrum. I’ve been on a camp like this last year but I have to admit it’s improved a lot from the food and the balance between speeches and activities. There were still a few dramas like last year but everyone seemed to cope a lot better this time than last year.

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The tremendous east coast holiday of 2015.

The Orion Nebula
The Orion Nebula

It all started on Thursday, 15th January when we started travelling to Port Douglas (our major destination) from Melbourne. The trip took about 3 days while we were driving 10 hours each day. The first night we stayed in Coonabarabran in New South Wales, where we weren’t planning on doing anything there but found out they had star gazing at the Warrumbungle Observatory. It was an awesome experience was able to take my first photo for the trip of the Orion Nebula. The next day we continued our trip inland and reached Emerald, a mining town in Queensland. It was pretty humid there and later that night it stormed as anything that we thought it was going to flood.