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Back from the cave.

Hey guys, I’m still here. I’ve just been really lazy and busy to write a new blog post for ages. I miss the good old times when the purpose of my website was to help other people with their own websites. I first entered the internet world when I was 12 with a vision to help other people.

Ben’s World in 2005

Above is what my old website looked like back in 2005. Back then all I had was Windows ME. It was hosted on a website called MatMice. It enabled kids all over the world to create their own websites for free. Unfortunately they had to close down. At the time I wanted to create my own version of MatMice by calling it WEBBED but that idea fell through as I gave up on it. Since then I have been creating apps for Facebook on and off.

These days I’m busy working as a garderner in a small business. If you read my blog a while ago I was talking about life as an apprentice. Well that ended in 2016. It’s been a really long journey but I’m hoping to start blogging about my life experiences again as I need something to keep my mind off things. Hense why I have decided to change the name of this blog back to Ben’s World but the domain will remain the same.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to bring back what was valuable back to this blog and maybe I might bring out a new layout too. I haven’t done coding for a while, so it’s a bit sketchy but I will get used to it again. In the meantime I will just focus on creating more blog posts.

It’s time to let go of the domain.

I know I have had this domain for years but I think it’s time to let go of a domain that I don’t even refer to anymore. I will still keep for now however I’m not sure if I’ll let this expire too along with the hosting. The problem is no one leaves comments on my site anymore and I hardly have the encouragement to post here anymore because of it. It’s just like another cost of mine where I have a gym membership but I hardly use it. Unfortunately I can’t cancel that until the end of this year because it would just be a bigger waste in itself.

I’ve came to realize that I keep trying to do everything but I can’t. It’s better for me to just have a rest than be going out all the time. I always feel tired and I use that excuse for not going to the gym. A have a friend that became a PT last year but he’s so busy with placements he doesn’t really have time to be there for me every week to motivate me. I’m not keen on the idea of getting a personal trainer and paying for them when I already pay enough for a gym membership. Honestly I wished I never signed up for 2 years at the start of the new year last year. We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t always get completed or even started.

My main reason behind joining the gym was to get fitter and gain muscle but that has seem to gone out of the window and I can’t be bothered going to a gym. I can understand my mate being busy with placements for uni and everything else but it’s making me not that interested in going to the gym. Has anyone tried going to a gym, then gets bored of it and stops going? I don’t even have a eating plan and I reckon I should have something because I’m getting bored of ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches for work lunches.

Even TAFE seems like a struggle for me. I just don’t seem to get some things and find it really hard to research information on it. I want to receive another award this year but I’m not sure if I’ll get one. I’m just hopeless when it comes to theory work as I’m just a practical worker. It doesn’t help that I feel bored doing the same things over and over again. I just wish I could do something new, yeah I’m not like other people with aspergers.

The only thing that bothers me having aspergers is that I tend to not think before I post something on a social network and then I get the occasional Facebook user replying with smiley faces. I tend to take a lot of things to heart when I read them however no one can make me cry. I just end up feeling like crap.

Hence the holiday back in January wasn’t that relaxing as I thought it would be. Yeah I met a whole lot of new people that I probably won’t speak to again. Especially the ones that removed me from Facebook as soon as the tour ended! Having to get up like I’m still working is crazy. It didn’t help with me taking time off before I went when I should’ve done that after I got back (at least I know for next time). It wasn’t really a relaxing holiday until I got home. However it was a great experience into the Australian outback. Unfortunately Darwin wasn’t what I expected it to be but I guess I went there at the wrong time of the year, their “Wet Season”.

Over time I’ve been here trying to make blog posts but I keep deleting them. If there’s anything you would like to see again from my previous websites/blog posts or something new, please suggest it in the comments. It’s the only thing that will keep this blog up and running.

Feeling Pumped…

Well guess what? I’m back but on a different domain, Remember how last year back in June that I mentioned that I won a domain? Well I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to purchase this one as it’s simple and fits in with all my other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was thinking of getting because I’m really interested in the weather but then I got other people’s opinions and they said it sounded babyish. So I decided to not go with it. Anyway I’m back now once again after a very long absence. Continue reading


Well I have been pretty busy lately as you may have noticed. A month ago I just finished TAFE at Holmesglen leaving with a Certificate II in Horticulture and a Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. On the last day of TAFE we had a class BBQ that was a good way to end the course. One thing I learned though TAFE is a bit like school. Continue reading

I’m making a comeback.

I was just thinking should I start blogging again now or wait until I get the layout sorted out. It came to me that I should open bengollow{ DOT }com again as I don’t really want it to go as wasted space anymore. So here I am blogging again! It’s been such a long time since I last used this site but I’ve been really busy with school and other things like getting a job (of which I still don’t have). Continue reading

bengollow{ DOT }com will arrive soon.

Sorry if I may have seemed to disapear lately but my ip address was blocked by the server that runs this domain. I have no idea of how this happened but thankfully with the help of my host, I manged to get it unblocked. So if you sent me a email, I’ll be able to read it now. Besides my domain being blocked from me, I’ve decided to turn this site into a whole blog about what I feel. It will still have tutorials, ect but the blogging bit will be my main priority. Thanks for still visiting this site. Hopefully I can bring back the memories of when I started making websites in 2003 on MatMice which closed in 2008.


Hey, sorry about that page being up where no one could comment! Anyway I’m currently been back at school for a week and yet I still haven’t opened this site. To be honest I’ve just been too lazy to do anything. My motivation is down of which is a bad thing. I just wish I could have the motivation that I had before to bring this site back up again. I haven’t really gone anywhere, I just haven’t been bothered doing the site. Ever since Facebook came into my life heaps of things have changed. There’s like one side saying open the site and then there’s the other side of me saying that it can wait. I just wish I could have the motivation to bring it back. Hopefully it comes to me sometime. Anyway I’ll try & do my best to get this site open as well as do homework for school. Please note that this site will have less layout changes than it used to have since I don’t have the time to do that stuff. But I’ve dedicated Fridays as blog writing days since it’s the last day of the school week and I can’t really be bothered doing work then lol.

Closed atm

Just saying there’s no hope of this site opening until December because of school. So don’t bother coming back until then. I’ll keep you updated via facebook and twitter of which you can find below this message.

Do I hear a coyote?

I’ve just changed the name of the site back to it’s original self “” since i’m getting older now and don’t feel that “benzo coyote” sounds like my age. Though instead of destroying that image that I created… i’m going to use it as a mascot and name it “benzo”. So yeah i’m still using it but at least I have some kind of icon lol. Anyway i’m still aiming to get this site open so just add the facebook page or twitter page and you will constantly get updates on the progress. I can’t say yet when this site will open, but it will be soon. I actually promise that when I turn the timer on this time the site will open! So watch out and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

New site coming soon!

I’m sorry to dissapoint everyone, but WEBBED is going to be CLOSED for now. I’ve given up on it because…

  1. I’m getting bored of having to do it everyday
  2. I would rather open again since it’s been a year since it was last opened and I want to interact with people over the net again.
  3. I’m not sure if I can sore that many people on WEBBED.
  4. I would rather a proper url for WEBBED
  5. Everyday less and less people are looking forward to WEBBED

So please respect my decision as I’m going to open again fresh with a new name. The aim of is to help people with web design. So thats what I want to do. You can tell me what you think in my tagboard.

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