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Well you may have thought I was extinct from the web and was never going to come back. Instead I’ve been so busy with work and my personal life on the weekends that I wasn’t able to post anything. So let’s go back to the start of April. I ended up at a golf course. At first I didn’t seem to enjoy the job. Not that I would quit or anything. Just that it was a complete change from working in the Hort Services like looking after local parks and streetscapes with other people to working on my own on more than 18 garden beds pulling out gum trees. I was just expecting to be doing more than just pulling out gum trees. Although the next task was pulling out weeds in which it took me almost half an hour to pull out a massive weed. During this time golfers have asked me if I could turn up at their place and do their gardens. One even suggested that I was growing a secret stash of “weed” in the garden beds and was harvesting it. As if I would do that though I’m not interested in helping out in strangers gardens either. Like I even up so tired that I can’t even do my garden anymore and weekends is when I spend time out with friends. So basically the garden could end up like a rain forest if I’m in charge looking after it. But no, I’ll probably end up doing it sometime lol.