Month: September 2008

MatMice is now officially closed!!!!

Yeah matmice is officially closed!!! So now people may loose hits if they were on matmice and moved to freewebs and some people didn’t get to see their freewebs site. Anyway I’m still working on webbed. This site is gonna be the best on the web! It’s gonna be like matmice, freewebs and myspace combined together (I’m not copying those sites though). Anyway just type your email address at webbed and you will get a email when it opens! 😛

new plans…

Since matmice is closing, I’ve decided to make a site like matmice but with more features. This is for all those people who like matmice and don’t like freewebs or piczo. I’m gonna try and make it really similar to matmice. With this site you will be able to do the same stuff in matmice, delete your account, use php; html & htm, add friends and lots more!!! This will sort of replace the new BigBen. It will be named “Webbed”. So all those “matmice lovers” look forward to this new site! 🤣 😉

important (for matmice users): matmice is closing!!!!

eah read the title, it’s true! So If anyone uses matmice…. you can get a site from freewebs or get hosted by me. They’re closing the site on the 22nd so make sure that you save your content to notepad or make a site on freewebs and add your stuff there. If you need help with freewebs just ask me in my “ask me section”.

Anyway the new BigBen is nearly finished I just have to fix up the member script, add advertising, add the shoutbox and add the news system.

Anyway parent/teacher interviews are on Wednesday (I get the day off, lucky me 🤣 ) and the holidays start next week. The 2nd week of holidays, I’m going to Canberra. So I’ll make an album before i go so then I can put some pics up! 😉

P.S. I’m sorry that I’ve neglected this site and haven’t been posting stuff. Plus I’m gonna need a lot of help from people who visit to tell other people about this site when the new BigBen opens! So then this site will become popular!!!!

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