Guess what? Thanks to Loni (my host) I’m moving to a better account. I’ll get CPanel (for hosting sub-domains and domains), FTP accounts (for hostees to edit their sites), Email addresses (for hostees to have their own email), MySQL Databases and lots more!!! So that means I can do the hosting myself without people having to wait to get hosted.  To Naome your account may disappear, don’t worry because I’m going to redo your account and then you won’t have any problems. To Giinah you will have to wait till I can create your account. To everyone else my site may be down for a while as Loni is going to move it to a different account. I’m going to save the posts so then I won’t lose them. Also I won’t put up the I’ve been tagged stuff up yet because this site will be off the air until I reload the pages again. If you see my site is down go to and tag me there.