Month: June 2007


It’s like been 2 months since I got the domain, so I’m trying to finish it as quick as I can. Anyway I’m redoing the domain. I’m not showing any previews. Hope fully I finish it this weekend. My school holidays have just started so I will be on the net more often.

I will post again sometime when my domain is opened!!!


Remember how I said that I might get a domain for my birthday?

Well I did. It’s not finished yet, so i’ll tell you the site when it’s finished.

I’m going to close this site when it opens. So all sibs and affies will be moved to the new site. You will still be my sibs and affies 🤣 . I’m also moving some content from this site to the domain.

Well just keep checking my site until I tell you my domain. 🙂

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