Going golf balls.

Well the past weeks have been quite interesting ones. Firstly I ended up receiving an “achievement” award for my Certificate II in Horticulture and Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. The night was great until I noticed that a past employer was mentioned in the booklet of who’s getting an award. It happens that I didn’t get on well with this employer and was shocked that they received an award for Employer of the Year, but I guess my TAFE didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. Continue reading

Feeling Pumped…

Well guess what? I’m back but on a different domain, bgollow.com.au. Remember how last year back in June that I mentioned that I won a domain? Well I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to purchase this one as it’s simple and fits in with all my other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was thinking of getting stormyben.com.au because I’m really interested in the weather but then I got other people’s opinions and they said it sounded babyish. So I decided to not go with it. Anyway I’m back now once again after a very long absence. Continue reading

Unemployable? I tend to break things…

Well here I am blogging again and I’m still not employed. I’ve only had two interviews in the past week and I didn’t get either of them. I really don’t know what I have to do to make an employer employ me. I’m just sick and tired of carrying on about it but I have nothing else on my mind. After all everyone needs money to be able do things. Continue reading


You probably thought I was mentioning Charlie Sheen in the title, well you’re wrong. Lately I have been winning a couple of things like an Australian domain (still not 100% sure on what to call it) along with a years worth of hosting, a GPS with speed detection and a $150 fuel voucher. Some people have been saying I should enter the lottery, but I’ve never gambled in my life though I guess it’s something that I should try.

I’ve just been out way too much that I’ve been spending a lot though I have been enjoying it. Continue reading

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